November 5, 2012

Re: “Science will never prove that God does exist” (WCR, Oct. 15).

Father Robert Barron is hasty in bashing scientists for their “no need for God” conclusion. His Thomistic view equates to religion alone has the answers. I differ with them from a different position

Four hundred years ago the Vatican admitted that the earth was not the centre of the universe. Their concept that heaven was in the sky above the earth and hell was below our feet should have given way to a much broader view of creation.

Physicists have proven the created universe is governed by unchangeable physical laws. As such, the universe is in perfect harmony.

Barron shows a lack of current knowledge when he states that the “universe is in a state of continuing inflation and deflation.” The universe is in an accelerating state of expansion.

Hawking is wrong when he relates “time” to the Big Bang. The string theory may lead to discoveries of other dimensions beyond four. Other parallel universes may exist. Time could be independent of other creations. The existence of God is independent of the timing of the Big Bang.

Creation is in harmony according to unchangeable laws of physics which a supreme being has established. Humans should also be in harmony with each other and with the creation.

Religions should have achieved this. But the followers of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed have demonstrated an inordinate ungodliness in fighting among themselves and with each other as to who is right and who has the truth.

Scientists have indeed discovered the true work of God in space science, medicine, physiology, psychology, etc.

Barron and all other religious proponents should drop the gloves between themselves, and definitely between themselves and science, and start to dialogue about the creation.

Phillip H. Walker