September 17, 2012

When reading the WCR, I always enjoy reading the letters to the editor to see what is on the minds of other Catholics.

I have often considered joining with my fellow readers in writing in and providing my helpful hints to our bishops and priests on how to properly interpret certain verses of Scripture, how to properly celebrate the Mass or how to adjust Church doctrine to today’s world.

For whatever reason, I never did write until now. What I did do however, in the meantime, was to start studying Scripture. I purchased numerous CDs and books, and downloaded several mp3 files over the last few years, and began to really study the faith of the Church.

Well, I don’t know what happened to our bishops and priests, but the more I learned the more I noticed they had begun interpreting Scriptures correctly.

It seems the Church is now interpreting Scripture with uncanny accuracy, and every doctrine finally has sound biblical sources (and is relevant even in today’s world).

Additionally, the more I learned, the more the Mass came alive. I can’t pinpoint what exactly the Church has been changing as I’ve been learning, but Mass has been becoming more and more meaningful.

All kidding aside, there are a lot of good points brought up in our letters to the editor. But my point is that before we write in to advise and correct our clergy on Church matters, do we not have a similar duty to ourselves first? Who knows, the study of Scripture and Church history might turn out to be fun and interesting.

Gerald Tostowaryk