September 3, 2012

We are very greatly saddened by the profound pain of all who have suffered in the events described during the week of Aug. 13 in Kamloops. This reality remains with us day and night, and continues to be an ever-present experience and grief that is also shared deeply in our own family.

As we struggle to be humanly reconciled with all that has happened we believe – with God’s strength and grace – that we can still depend on his abiding presence to guide everyone to a peace that we don’t yet see.

This is our prayer, and we grieve and pray for Dana and her mother and family, and for all who mourn her death, with this hope. Similarly, we pray for this reconciliation for the injured RCMP officer and Mr. Fougere.

As parents, we love our son. Although illness has prevented our attendance in Kamloops, we pray every day for what he needs. Our family’s “need” and suffering will never challenge or displace the agony of others, nor should it.

Please pray for Dana, her mother and family, and all who mourn her. Please also pray for everyone else affected by what has happened, and for our son Mark, and our family.

Deacon John & Louise Lindsay