August 20, 2012

Re: Christology and World Religions (WCR, June 25).

I was deeply touched by Glen Argan's dialogue with Father Don MacDonald in the WCR. Years ago – in the 1980's – I studied Christology with MacDonald.

In this article I was delighted to see his Trinitarian understanding of Christology emphasize the universal salvation offered by Christ, the fact that Christ came for all of humanity, and the fact that, from a Trinitarian perspective, the Holy Spirit can transcend the structures of Church.

Thus, we can find in other faiths, similar practices of spirituality and morality. MacDonald's words were balm for my soul.

Too often in the parish, I have heard preached the exclusivity of Christ , the emphasis being that Christ (with the Holy Spirit and Father) is present completely and exclusively in the Catholic Church.

The result of this kind of preaching is division – "us and them" so destructive to Christian dialogue and collaboration with other faiths and paths to the divine.

This article was a breath of fresh air.

Anita Allsopp