August 20, 2012

I was dismayed by the question to Sister Louise Zdunich regarding Christ's wherabouts during his so-called "lost years" in the July 16 WCR. The question is irrelevant. His ministry was obviously intended to last only during his last three years.

All the years leading up to it were formative ones, somewhat similar to our own school and university years. They developed his human nature. But in his three-year ministry, his divine nature was exhibited through countless miracles.

It is unlikely that Jesus of Nazareth, the son of the carpenter, and the Blessed Virgin, travelled very far, since it was not until after he commissioned his Apostles to spread the "Good News to the ends of the earth," that travelling became the order of the day.

St. Peter and St. Paul in particular, who had ventured to Damascus in nearby Syria, led the journeys with their disciples, piercing the Roman Empire into the present principality of the Vatican.

Rene Benoiton
St. Albert