May 21, 2012

I noticed that your latest edition of the WCR does not have a space allocation nor an access address for Letters to the Editor, as every decent publication should.

This observation of mine has been prompted by my desire to react publicly in response to your editorial in the May 7 WCR, in which you opine, quite incorrectly, on the "Scrutiny of U.S. nuns."

You state that "the available evidence" might "point clearly to" the investigation as "a matter of those charged with guarding the treasure of divine revelation trying to help an organization that was going astray."

I wish to correct your assumption, apparently and embarrassingly based on a lack of research on your part. This is not a case of LCWR "prophetically challenging male power."

I know it is a case of the great majority of leaders of U.S. religious women's congregations sadly being challenged in their work of bringing Christ's Gospel of providing care to the poor in spirit.

Mary O'Neill
St. Albert

Editor's Note: The WCR puts a priority on publishing letters to the editor in every issue for which we have at least a couple of letters worthy of publication.