May 21, 2012

Re: "Crisis needs more talk, less secrecy, says Kenny" (WCR, April 30).

Words cannot express the chagrin and mortification suffered by the faithful for the utter rot heaped upon their beloved Church by the sex abuse crisis. The perverts gave themselves over to the devil and the devil has done his dirt.

The abuse crisis can never be undone by men. Only Jesus can do the impossible. His long-ago promise that his Church will last until the last day is our only consolation. We need to call on him and do a group exorcism.

We need to cover our heads with ashes and publicly pray without stopping for him to intervene in this continuing desecration of his Church.

We cannot carry on in silence, hiding and secrecy as though all is well now, hoping the scandal will just die down and go away. Nothing mankind can do or not do will make it go away.

We must all pray for God's intervention before the devil strikes his next and even worse blow. So, help us dear Lord.

Helen Ferguson
St. Albert