April 9, 2012

M.A. Caskey of Edmonton does not know whether to laugh or cry at comments made by Dianne Willman at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (WCR letters, March 26).

The latter's statement on behalf of the Vatican's UN nuncio, that "Women need influence" and "a voice in decisions that affect them," are reason enough for her to outright scream.

They are a paradox of the highest order, and ironically ridiculous. It is difficult to fathom the logic of papal advisors of such supposedly superior intelligence.

Their age-old tradition of thought hardly exemplifies the Christ who appointed 12 married men as apostles.

The Vatican desperately needs updating. It seems still entrenched in the teachings of the Council of Trent, and fails utterly to subscribe to Pope John XXIII's Vatican II request to open our windows.

I suspect that women will finally have their day in eternity, in "God's kingdom," where they will probably outnumber men. The latter will save face in that similar to Christ's risen body, our risen bodies will be "neither male nor female."

Rene D. Benoiton
St. Albert