April 2, 2012

I refer to the editorial, "Besieged Church need not withdraw into circle of muskox" (WCR, March 19).

The editorial made good sense and with samples of our frustration. The muskoxen example was very good and a bit deceptive.

Having spent time amongst muskoxen, I discovered their circle and dynamic united persistence actually won them a positive reputation for love, security, growth, strength, future for their youth.

Our Church faces abuse, criticism, secularism, our attitude, not just in Canada but all over the world especially in old Christian Europe. So, we know we are in trouble.

Why are we? We have misplaced or defused the call to spiritual renewal and deeper discipleship within our Church, which includes regular attendance at worship, daily prayer and Scripture reading, frequent involvement in programs of study, regular charitable service in community, giving similar to the "tithe" found in Scripture, commitments to sharing the Good News with brothers and sisters around us, and sound stewardship.

We look weak, we sound weak, we are meek. So, what can we do? Perhaps we begin by uniting, by defrocking ourselves from fancy tailor-made vehicles, tuxedos, gaming, Hawaii, and sincerely move into the public and share the good news.

Jesus said "Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing." As disciples of Jesus, and as part of his flock, it is important that we follow him and listen to his voice.

Our problem is that we are smarter than sheep and think (unlike muskoxen) that we can handle things on our own and in our own way.

This is why we are paying the price. As a knight of Jesus Christ, I try to follow him and live out our baptismal covenants. It is working but it is slow. Come on now, let us all become like rational muskoxen.

Victor Fedyna