March 26, 2012

Re: "U.S. contraception debate won't happen here" (WCR, March 5).

If the contraceptive debate won't happen here, it is because in Canada, anything goes. It's the laissez-faire attitude which seems to prevail.

That is why, among other issues, that there is no law whatsoever concerning abortion, and that is why in our country we must pay for abortion through our taxes.

The article notes "Catholic hospitals have entered into agreements with the provincial government so that they are not forced to perform procedures contrary to Catholic teachings." I happen to know that sterilizations have been a near-daily reality in one Catholic hospital, at least up to a recent past.

This Catholic hospital was not sending someone to other institutions for sterilizations; these were conveniently provided on the premises. As for contraception, I remember seeing a large poster promoting the pill in a waiting area.

As a nurse at the Grey Nuns Hospital, I sadly became aware of these procedures taking place and I reported at different times to the then Caritas authorities as well as to bishops. Nothing had changed until my retirement nine years ago.

As I was reading this article, I could not but wonder how it can happen that Catholic hospitals are unquestionably believed to be innocent and faithful to Catholic teachings. If they are not forced to offer those services, then why was this happening?

And, of utmost importance, is it still happening and is anyone out there willing to investigate?

Jeanne McCusker