March 5, 2012

I refer to the editorial by Glen Argan, "Catholic Colleges offer gift of a liberal education" (WCR, Feb 20). I became considerably alarmed about this article but upon listening to tearful feelings of many other faithful folks, ages 14 to 86, I got sick to my stomach.

The feeling of these nice folks was that the article needlessly pulverized our deep love and dependence upon our God-given Christian faith. Of course, in this political world it could be that the intent was just a trying to raise an urgency in our microchip materialistic Christian demise. I hope that is the case.

But! Oh yes, the severe connotation of free spirit life, faith and liberalism feature is the political surge in our own country and in other parts of the world today.

What is liberalism? King Henry, Castro, Stalin, Mao, Gaddafi, Putin, all of them considered themselves to be righteous liberals. Right in our own nation, righteous liberalism gave us automatic divorce, same-sex union, slap on the wrist for rape, violence, drugs, etc.

I have visited countries where matrimony or marriage is no longer palatable and is even shameful - 78 per cent of their children are born out of any wedlock. They no longer can recognize their own blood brothers or sisters. Their crime rate and rape is world known.

I visited where euthanasia, substance abuse, sex trade is a laughable open book. Liberalism has now allowed the sinful gender selection and murder of innocents just because they are not the desired gender.

What is liberalism sir? Recently, I spent an afternoon downhill skiing with three nice teenage boys who attend Catholic school system. Only one of them could partially recite the Lord's Prayer. Should we simply just limit or eliminate such a heart of our life?

Is it not obvious that our society has become blind to physical suffering and the Lord's spiritual moral demands of life? Being brothers and sisters in humanity should help us to recognize the need for solidarity, justice, mercy, compassion and stewardship which is being down played by every media and world leadership. Is that our liberalism sir?

Only thing I can say is that so far there are civil rights in this nation for liberal folks like you and for the Knights of Jesus Christ like us. Maybe you will still remember that.

Victor Fedyna

Editor's Note: There is no intrinsic connection between a liberal arts education and political liberalism. The liberal arts refers to those subjects, such as philosophy, literature, history, languages and even theology, that educate a person to contribute intelligently to political and cultural discussions. Today, a liberal arts education might well be considered a conservative ideal.