February 27, 2012

The blood that is shed by each innocent child murdered in the womb stains the fabric of the heart and soul of every individual within the republic where it occurs – even if it occurs under the protection of an unjust law.

We are, in fact, responsible, on our part, through our communal affiliation with one another as a republic. To deny this is to deny the existence of the very republic under which we live.

I recall praying the rosary for the end of abortion in our land while following the consecrated image of Our Lady of Guadalupe along a sidewalk outside an abortion clinic. A rainbow-like circle surrounded the sun.

As my glance focused on the grass between the sidewalk and the clinic, I could see the deep, red blood of the innocent little ones saturating the soil and oozing from between the blades of grass. How horrible.

As Catholics, we have an understanding of those things not normally seen. Our God, the most Holy Trinity, from which our own existence stems – exists though unseen. When we leave this world, will we be surprised to see the blood of those innocent ones put to death in our own republic staining our garment?

How can it be that our politically opposed parties can agree to refrain from the discussion of the murder of our own innocent children during national debates? It can only be possible if we continue to be invisible. We are called to be salt and light in a world that has lost its taste for life and its vision for love.

Let us commit to the common good, drawing strength from our Father, love from our Spirit and direction from our Saviour; then we will see this wall of oppression crumble into fine sand.

Timothy Axe