February 27, 2012

Re: "Holy Spirit inspired new Mass translation" (WCR letters, Feb. 13).

It is arrogant and patronizing to assume that just because people (and there are many) who do not find the so-called changes in the Mass to be to their liking, do not understand the reasons for the changes.

If the Holy Spirit is behind these changes, I am sure it would have done a better job. Some of the changes are trite and trivial. For example: I am not worthy to receive you . . . vs. . . . come under my roof?

And how about the totally distracting noise from kneelers being crashed down and back up again during the most prayerful part of the Mass? Hardly an improvement to the reverence and solemnity of the Mass.

Saying that Mass is not supposed to be a "feel good" experience seems a bit bizarre. I love to feel good about celebrating Mass, meeting with my community of believers and receiving the Eucharist.

It is too many Masses not being "feel good" that may account for young people no longer practising their faith. The U.S. bishops made a statement some years ago that a bad liturgy is worse than no liturgy and it is true.

What is the point of evangelization if there is no joy to celebrating this faith by attending weekly Mass?

There are Catholics who think everything the Church does is wonderful. There are Catholics who are still in denial about the terrible things that have happened in the Church.

There are also realists who see things as they are and not as it was hoped they would be, and still want to go forward. Perhaps the Church might ask the people what they think of the "changes."

B. McLaughlin
Sherwood Park