February 20, 2012

I found Father Rolheiser's column, "A Haunting Equation: Suffering Balanced with Joy" interesting (WCR, Feb. 6).

I very much enjoy Father Rolheiser's columns and am surprised he doesn't come up with a lighter solution to his seemingly depressing view that depth of thought is found primarily in suffering and sadness. Sad indeed.

Perhaps we ought to get out of the city more and allow ourselves to become in tune with what he purports is the gift of suffering: being grounded. Go out and do some gardening.

God's creation, God's good creation, is one way that we can find true joy and depth. In our human creation of order, the city, indeed God's plan is incomplete and full of suffering and confusion (although I find much joy in the city as well).

However, in God's natural world, we can see in the profound simplicity set against the mystery of creation, whether that be a starlit night, a campfire, the bloom of a flower, or a grand mountain vista, God's glory, beauty and perfection.

Truly in God's creation, there is depth and joy; reasons to soar and be light. Time for a vacation.

Brent Kieser