February 13, 2012

Since the new translation of the new Roman Missal has been implemented, I would like to make the following comments. I think it's time for the Roman Church to recapture some of its traditional devotions/practices.

A known fact is the reality that in pre-Vatican II times, Catholics in the Latin rite prayed the prayer to St. Michael after each and every Roman Mass. So, why can't we bring back this powerful devotion?

Blessed Pope John Paul II recommended and encouraged all Catholics to pray the prayer to St. Michael as a means to "obtain help in the battle against forces of darkness and against the spirit of this world."

In a society of rampant mortal sin, such as abortion and contraception, why not recite this powerful prayer that was formulated by Pope Leo XIII and so let St. Michael the Archangel defeat the devil?

Aaron Emmanuel Stitzenberger