February 13, 2012

Your editorial of Jan. 30 ("Take the fascinating – and surprising – Catholic house tour") ignores the horrendous mistake a few hundred bishops made at Niceae in 325 AD when they opted for the ease of governing and declared that a human being, namely Jesus, be one and the same as the Universal Spirit.

These bishops grew up in a pagan culture and with the persuasion of a pagan emperor, negated (robbed) Jesus of his mission, his humanity and his spirituality.

The Genesis God is an anthromorphic image of the Divine Source. Jesus tells us in John 4 that the Genesis God is not the true God. He said he came to complete the work of the prophets, which were rejected by the Jewish authorities who eventually also executed him.

A 2,000-year mistake does not make the bishops' Church a true inspiring institution.

John Kloster