January 23, 2012

I cannot say the attempts to improve the church services have in any way been inspirational. It is a great disappointment to have absurd changes dumped upon us instead of the necessary improvements that would encourage us to bring newcomers to Mass.

In the past, I have found myself encouraging people to attend other Christian churches in the hope that they can inspire a desire to know Jesus or read the Bible. I would rather they join another church than lose them. I know from experience that if I send them to a Catholic service, they will never go back.

Does anybody ever ask outsiders for their opinions on how to improve our Masses so that they would be encouraged to come back for more?

Perhaps a box could be placed at the entrance where people could place their comments on what they would like the homilies to address.

There is a real need for explanations on why the Church takes certain stands and how the knowledge of thousands of years still applies in our daily lives.

Our era is defined by massive amounts of information hitting extremely busy people whose attentions spans are becoming more limited. If you want a message to get across, it had better be a masterpiece of brevity.

Make changes in the prayers that make good common sense. These new language changes irritate more than people's artistic senses and sound idiotic. They do injustice to the many spiritual leaders of our faith who taught a world of vastly disparate people about Jesus.

Consider how powerful music is for the spirit and ask why the many great songs in our expensive songbooks are rarely heard. People obviously love singing along to their old-time favourites but instead we get new music that is vastly inferior.

Raeanne Lacoursiere
Fort Saskatchewan

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