December 19, 2011

Re: "Pompous language discourages the young" (WCR letters, Dec. 5).

I have seen some of the letters in regards to the new Mass. I'm not surprised that some are against change; most of us to some level are. We become comfortable and complacent in our Church lives.

Ask yourself this question, Do you really take the time to pray the words of the Holy Mass? This is not meant to condemn. I'll be honest, many times the words flow from my mouth with little connection to my heart during the celebration of what is the pinnacle of my Catholic faith.

How many times do we pray the rosary and rattle off the words because we have memorized them? There is no challenge; once I know the prayer, it's easy to be distracted and go through the motions.

I can think about what I'm making for supper, what I have to get at the store and so on when I am supposed to be focused on the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known. This is an opportunity to reaffirm what we believe and think about what we are participating in.

To say that young people find the transition mind-numbing and enthusiasm is decreasing may be true for some individuals, but is not a fair statement given the whole Church. I myself am a young person. I believe this is an amazing challenge in my faith journey and will enrich my life in Jesus.

Yes, I have to slow down; yes, I have to think; and yes, it will get easier as time passes. We are after all only two weeks into the new Mass, we haven't even given it a chance.

Let God and his Spirit lead you in this transition. You may be surprised at how much he has to offer that you have been missing.

Aislinn Chapotelle