December 12, 2011

Recent issues of the WCR had some letters to the editor that baffled me.

Comments like, now we have to kneel and we don’t have kneelers, irrelevance of different postures, that books may not be ready, etc.

Let me be frank. In what the Catholic Church is trying to do, are you at all listening as to why these changes have come about and what this means?

In most circumstances, the wording changes have been made to better define what was intended to be said based on a proper translation, as well as to more properly base the words on the Gospel.

The type of comments that I have read profoundly reflect the complacency of what our society has become. A clearly proclaimed “me” society that only speaks of what “I” want.

This past Sunday, at our parish, I witnessed an absolutely amazing experience! I felt an utter proclamation and revitalization of the Catholic Church.

Was it awkward at times with new language?


But it was proclaimed with sincere boldness and solid grounding. Our congregation loudly and with much vigour proclaimed the responses.

Our priest gently ushered us on, as we went through the Mass, just as a true shepherd of his flock should. The music was ready. The people sang with conviction even though the melody and some wording was new.

Half of our church has kneelers, the other half doesn’t. Did we all kneel? Absolutely! Who wouldn’t? If you really believe Jesus is truly present, you would probably not only be kneeling, but prostrate on the floor.

At a time when our society is in shambles, who is the one voice that speaks for truth? The one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, the same one we seem to back stab whenever we get the chance.

George Chrunik