Re: “Archbishop calls for uniform postures during Mass” (WCR, Nov. 14).

I found it depressing, disturbing, discouraging and difficult not to feel adrift in a hierarchically-dominated Church when I read such a comment by Archbishop Smith that “directives (for uniform postures during Mass) have as their intention to assure consistent practice in the archdiocese and conformity with the universal law of the Church.”

While I can comprehend (although not necessarily appreciate) the rationale for uniformity, I cannot accept that gestures or postures are part of “the universal law of the Church.”

There are millions of people on the face of the earth, many of them in our midst, who hunger for Christ’s law of love and forgiveness.

And we are occupied with when we stand or kneel during the most wonderful of all our sacramental celebrations – our communal celebration at the Eucharistic table!

Mary O’Neill
St. Albert