November 21, 2011

On the first Sunday of Advent, changes to the liturgy will be implemented. They are outlined in a folder. However, not enough folders were printed and we do not have them throughout our archdiocese. Oh well, carry on.

We will also be expected to kneel. Many will not be able to kneel due to their churches not having kneelers.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were told we were to all stand until everyone had received Communion then we could sit down.

We are already struggling to sing a new Gloria that sounds more like a funeral dirge than an uplifting Glory to God. It is too difficult for the average parishioner to sing.

We are not supposed to use the Lectionary in procession but again, we do not have the required Book of Gospels that is now to be used. Apparently it hasn’t been printed yet.

There are many more changes, some putting the laity in their place, so to speak. Backwards from Vatican II that called the laity to come forth.

The proper preparation has not been put into this and it is going to cost a large amount of money that could be spent in better ways.

The worst famine in Africa perhaps? To supply and update equipment for our poorest schools? To help make up the money schools and parishes are losing since funds from bingos and casinos were forbidden?

Changing words is not going to solve the serious problems in our Church. Why isn’t the Church relevant to our young people and why do so few attend?

That is where the Church should be spending its time, money and talent.

Interesting that the Gospel today was about five bridesmaids who did not plan well and were left out in the cold.

B.R. McLaughlin
Sherwood Park

Letter to the Editor - 12/12/11