November 21, 2011

I am writing concerning Development and Peace. In my reading, the first and most startling incident was the invitation to a Jesuit priest in Mexico to speak in Canada. When questioned by Archbishop Prendergast about abortion, he admitted that he was open to it and was sent packing.

Then I read about a dinner to raise funds for the lay workers of Development and Peace and finally read about a priest, Father Gravel, who has promised to give money to Development and Peace if he wins his court case against LifeSiteNews.

There are very serious questions in all of this and we have a right to have answers.

If money is going into the hands of those who are open to abortion, then we have no means of knowing if some of this money is actually supporting abortions.

I believe it is important to take a good look at the work of Blessed Mother Teresa who gave her life in serving the poorest of the poor. There was a woman who spent time with Mother Teresa and her sisters and she noted that when it was prayer time all work stopped.

This woman made the comment that she didn’t think she could do that. But Mother Teresa made her commitment first to God and from this came her work to care for the sick and dying.

I hope that these problems can be solved and right order can be established.

Rhoda Hogan
Bible Hill, N.S.