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Fr. Mireau chose life, inspired my renewal

October 6, 2014

Dear Father Mike (Catfish) Mireau.

I am sitting in the library where I just read of your passing. I didn't know you, Father. However, my journey with you through the blogs and experiences you shared with the youth of the archdiocese made me want to be a better person.

Church vandalism sign of religious persecution

September 8, 2014

St. Patrick's Church in Rio Grande, Alta., was vandalized on Aug. 11 or 12. The door was damaged by forced entry. Christ's image over the altar was ripped off the cross and stolen. The missal from the altar was stolen, the banner of the church was left on the floor, one small cross was ripped off, the organ put on beat and, at the church's cemetery, a heavy tomb was overturned and two small prolife statues damaged.

Aid to Church in Need also helping Iraqis

September 8, 2014

Re: "Church pleads for end to 'systematic violence' in Iraq" (WCR, Aug, 25).

This article states "a special collection will be taken at . . . Mass and in all parishes in the archdiocese in September with the proceeds going to Development and Peace and the Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)."

Liberal policy astonishes long-time member

September 8, 2014

As a now 88-year-old, I look back on early years as a Young Liberal, executive of a Liberal riding association and participant in policy conventions. I have been astonished to see that in 2014 the Liberal Party has excluded those of us with pro-life credentials from representing the party.

West must defend Iraqi Christians

August 25, 2014

Why is it that to date, France is the only Western country that has offered asylum to the thousands of Christians who have recently had to flee the Iraqi city of Mosul? And what is the international community doing to cut off the weapons supply to the Muslim extremists who are responsible for this mass exodus? According to a July 21 Catholic News Service story, 60,000 Christians were living in Mosul before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and 35,000 living there in June 2014. However, over the past month, all the Christians in Mosul have had to flee the city or be killed for not converting to Islam.

One 'warning' is enough

August 25, 2014

Our funerals gather people of many faith traditions and people with no church connection. We do not have open Communion, but welcome those who are not receiving Communion to come for a blessing. Surely this simple announcement before the Eucharist begins is sufficient.

Teaching may be rejected because it is wrong

August 25, 2014

I was disappointed with the article you published regarding the document, "Sensus Fidei in the Life of the Church" in the July 21 WCR. The author's opening paragraphs outline the document's major reasons for why the people of God might reject or disagree with a particular Church teaching: either our faith is too weak, or we just don't understand the teaching properly.

Financial report displayed accountability

August 25, 2014

I write to compliment the archdiocese on the recent annual report that was distributed in the WCR (WCR, July 7). The report meets or exceeds the best practices of public reporting for non-profit/charitable organizations. The financial statements provided are understandable and a solid narrative is provided. The finance committee is identified, proving the assurance of the expert advice overseeing the archdiocese's finances.

Do more to fight politicians' stands against life

July 7, 2014

Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring editorial about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau ("Pro-lifers must not abandon politics," WCR, May 26). We appreciate and recognize what Cardinal Thomas Collins and Archbishop Richard Smith said about Trudeau's position ("Catholics face barriers to political involvement – Smith," May 26).

Protecting unborn 100 times more important

June 9, 2013

In his article "Commitment to defend life is far-reaching" (WCR, May 26), Bob McKeon, who heads the Social Justice Office for the Edmonton Archdiocese, writes that during his participation at the 2014 Alberta March for Life it was noteworthy that some of the talks took place at Churchill Square because of the Homeless Memorial Monument, a block away, where each year in May people gather to remember and pray for the approximately 40 people experiencing homelessness who died over the previous 12 months.