DreamLife Lottery doesn't fit papal vision

September 26, 2016

The Sept. 3 Edmonton Journal's Homes section featured the 2016 Caritas DreamLife Lottery grand prize $1.8-million home complete with a stage and seating area and adjacent bar/lounge, 5,350 square feet with a luxury hotel feel, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an attached five-car garage that comes equipped with in-floor heating!

Mary Jo Leddy in her book Radical Gratitude had a conversion moment when a woman who had just arrived at the Toronto home set up to give shelter to refugees asked, pointing to the garage visible from the kitchen table: "Who lives in that house?"

We have houses for cars and often none for people.

This luxurious lottery home doesn't fit in either with Pope Francis' vision in Laudato Sí, nor with the mandate of Covenant Health.

Perhaps a simple energy-neutral home with a large garden, at walking distance to a bus stop, would be more appropriate.

Or, Covenant Health could simply to ask for $100 donations.

Cecily Mills