Fundraising concerns remain unresolved

March 23, 2015

The Together We Serve (TWS) immediate and twinned response to "Archdiocesan collection upsets D&P supporter" (WCR letters, Feb. 23) was written more for damage control and attempting to control the message than providing clarity and reaffirm Development and Peace.

And it should not be all about maximizing the amount of money collected. It should also be about how and why.

Because D&P has a proven history of successful fundraising, why would Together We Serve not want to emblazon its brand on the materials paid for by D&P? Substituting the D&P narrative with the TWS narrative in the critical areas of soliciting funds shows little respect for the integrity of D&P messaging and materials.

"Together we are stronger" is a catchy phrase but within the context of this issue, it rings hollow. A more honest and descriptive phrase would be "weaker by submissive conformity" due to indifference, ignorance of the issue or simply not caring.

This plays to the advantage of those in positions of decision making and control.

Yes, I still have the option of giving directly to D&P and I have chosen this option. Why was all reference to this option deleted from the D&P materials distributed to all parishes in the Edmonton Archdiocese?

This is a rhetorical question. I can figure out the answer.

Interesting to note that the message Archbishop Smith was invited to write was word for word compared to Archbishop Durocher's message, with the exception of replacing D&P and Share Lent with TWS language. Amen.

Wilf Borgstede
St. Albert