Mother Teresa portrayed on canvas

February 28, 2011
Portrait of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta


This portrait of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta was done by Kalai Selvam, a painter based in Chennai, India.

Much to his chagrin, Hindu painter Venkataswami Logaguru never had the chance to see Blessed Teresa of Calcutta as she ministered to some of the city's poorest residents.

These days, he's painting his impressions of her as a way to honour the beloved woman.

"From childhood, I wanted to see the Mother, but I could not.

Now, I am happy I could draw three paintings of her," Logaguru said at an exhibit featuring the work of two dozen artists after they participated in a camp organized by the fledgling Christian Artists Association of India.

"We started the camp by visiting and praying at the tomb of the mother for inspiration for our work," Logaguru said.

The artists from across India produced 42 paintings depicting Mother Teresa's life.