Pastoral appointments for St. Paul Diocese

June 24, 2013

ST. PAUL, ALTA. – Bishop Paul Terrio has announced the following priests' appointments for the Diocese of St. Paul. All appointments take effect Aug. 15.

Fort McMurray, St. John the Baptist Parish, and missions in Fort Chipewyan and Fort McKay: Fr. Jose Chirappanath, cmi, becomes pastor and Fr. Prabhakar Kommareddy, sac, associate pastor.

Fort McMurray, St. Paul Parish, and missions in Janvier and Conklin: Fr. Limneo Zamora (Fr. Nong) becomes pastor and Fr. Francis Khai Phan, associate pastor.

Lac La Biche, St. Catherine Parish, and mission in Kikino: Fr. Hamilcar Blanco becomes pastor.

Athabasca, St. Gabriel Parish, and Boyle, St. Alphonse Parish: Fr. Hong Nguyen becomes pastor.

Bonnyville, St. Louis Parish, mission in Kehewin, and Elk Point, St. Michael's Parish: Fr. Rene Realuyo becomes pastor and Fr. Victor Bureau, associate pastor.

Morinville, St. Jean Baptiste Parish, and Legal, St. Emile Parish: Fr. Ignacy Warias, omi, becomes pastor and Fr. Brian Bricker, op, associate pastor.

Whitecourt, St. Joseph Parish, and missions in Fox Creek and Swan Hills: Fr. Paulson Kannanaikal, cmi, becomes pastor and Fr. Vincechan Kochuparambil, cmi, associate pastor.

Cold Lake, St. Dominic and Assumption Parishes, LeGoff, St. Raphael Parish, Elizabeth Settlement, St. Marguerite d'Youville Parish, and Fishing Lake, St. Eugene Parish: Fr. Andrew Schoenberger becomes pastor and Fr. Thomas Dieu Nguyen, associate pastor.

Westlock, St. Mary's Parish, Jarvie, Christ the King Parish, and Clyde, St. Patrick Parish: Fr. Ambrose Umeohanna, smmm, becomes pastor.

Saddle Lake, Sacred Heart Parish, and Goodfish Lake, St. Mathias Parish: Fr. Gilbert Dasna, smmm, becomes pastor, without prejudice to his position at the cathedral.


Fr. Roger Sicotte, currently pastor of St. Alphonse Parish, Boyle and mission, retires from ministry.

Fr. David Bernard is appointed to hospital chaplaincy for St. Paul.

Fr. Paul Thekkanath, cmi, currently pastor of Fort McMurray is granted, on the suggestion of the diocese, a year of sabbatical with his community.

Fr. Mario Jubinville, currently pastor of LeGoff, Elizabeth Settlement and Frog Lake, is granted a year of sabbatical.