Same-sex blessings would mellow attitudes

May 27, 2013

I am finding myself increasingly agitated by some of the attitudes put forth by my fellow Catholics in regard to homosexuality.

Despite having been called by Christ to acknowledge the intrinsic worth and beauty of every human person, I sense that many people still feel that homosexuals are merely deficient heterosexual people with an unnatural, abhorrent, or sinful sexual compass.

Although the science of homosexuality is not fully understood, enough is known to say that it is an issue of inherent sexual orientation, which is determined by genetic and hormonal factors.

Homosexuals, like all other people, possess the innate God-given desire to enter into a bond of steadfast, self-giving, committed love with another person.

Therefore, it is my hope that one day the Church will bless civilly married homosexual couples, not within the sacrament of marriage (which should be guarded against amendment), but rather by means of a separate, specially designed blessing rite outside of the liturgy.

In October, the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton approved same-sex union blessings to be granted on a case-by-case basis. Anglican priest and dean of Edmonton, Neil Gordon, said in an interview, “All it is, is an affirmation, saying to people, ‘The Church wishes you well,’ [and] it is no more complicated than that.”

A Catholic priest in Baltimore, Father Richard Lawrence, likens the union of a homosexual couple to that of an elderly straight couple, saying, “Neither will procreate children, but both can be sacraments of God’s faithfulness in the living out of their commitment to each other.”

David Fraser
St. Albert

Letter to the Editor - 07/01/13