Comments on New Age, yoga are laughable

April 29, 2013

Re: Articles on New Age and yoga by Chris Miller (WCR, March 25).

When I first read these articles I started to laugh – surely this couldn’t be an early April Fool’s joke in the WCR.

Did anyone at the paper actually read these articles containing Moira Noonan’s comments like “the worst thing I did in high school was watch I Dream of Jeannie” and “Practices such as Reiki, and reflexology . . . are deemed inappropriate for Catholic institutions” and “they bring in a feng shui practitioner who demonizes their house.”

The other article, based on quotes by Father Denis Phaneuf, says, “Even for some activities that might seem inconsequential, such as hypnosis or taking a yoga class, he cautions there is potential for harm” and “when a school board promotes yoga, it is really promoting Hinduism, a religion that has powers behind it which are not of God.”

If that was the worst thing Moira did in high school, she must have led a very dull life. The lines about yoga are insulting to Hindus and to the millions of people who take yoga classes for exercise and health.

There are high school students who are not good at the regular gymnastics, but who taker yoga to stay fit and healthy. As for feng shui demonizing the house, this statement has to be laughable.

These articles are one of the reasons why so many Catholics are leaving the Church – in the eyes of people like Moira Noonan and Father Phaneuf even the most innocent things like yoga and reflexology are made to seem wrong, which is ridiculous.

Articles such as these will do a lot of harm to the church as it is difficult to take these people seriously.

Barb Rowley