Archbishop of Canterbury urges faith in Jesus

Archbishop Justin Welby

Archbishop Justin Welby

April 1, 2013

Drawing on the words of Pope Francis and his call for people to be protectors of each other, Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby urged people of faith to build up the community of God on earth.

Welby, 57, was enthroned as archbishop of Canterbury and became the spiritual leader of about 77 million Anglicans around the world March 21.

The archbishop is a married father of five and a former oil executive.

He recalled the words of Pope Francis during the pontiff’s inaugural Mass March 19, when he urged people to care for one another in order to build a peaceful world.

It is only under “the authority of God . . . that we may become the fully human community of which we all dream,” Welby said during his homily.

The archbishop warned the congregation, which included British Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince Charles, of the dangers of losing faith in Jesus.

“For more than a thousand years this country has, to one degree or another, sought to recognize that Jesus is the Son of God, by the ordering of its society, by its laws and by its sense of community,” said Welby.