City Hall display an affront to Christianity, says reader

January 21, 2013

I am writing to express my utter dismay at the negligence of our Catholic community not to do anything regarding the disgraceful description of our Christian faith at City Hall.

In June 2012, I went to the City Hall to pay my property taxes and, as I walked around, I discovered the Interfaith Centre on the left-hand side.

I read about every denomination, most of them in bold letters, and, finally discovered, in lower case, rather timidly displayed, "Christianity."

Christianity is described, tracing back its origin to a Jewish prophet and teacher named Jesus of Nazareth who was born at the beginning of the common era and crucified according to tradition.

Well, I nearly lost it reading this abusive and disgraceful description of our faith. It goes on, of course, and I would encourage every Catholic to go City Hall and read it.

Recently, Muslims sent to every household in Edmonton, a nicely composed pamphlet describing their faith. I read it and, of course for them, our Lord Jesus Christ is a prophet and nothing more.

Why do Muslims have the courage and boldness to become more and more visible, and our Christians stand by and do nothing to dispel such an abusive description of our faith in a public place such as the City Hall?

The first sentence in describing our faith is wrong and no sugar-coating can change that.

The people who composed this nonsense should be contacted and a new description put onto the display as soon as possible. We really can no longer sit back and be complacent and negligent.

I will go to the City Hall again in four to six weeks to see if anything has been done to correct the description of our faith.

Heidi Seeholzer

Letter to the Editor - 02/04/13