Material progress won’t make you free, happy

November 5, 2012

The world’s huge technological and scientific progress hasn’t always made people freer or happier, Pope Benedict said.

While scientific knowledge and advancements “are important for human life, it’s not enough on its own,” the pope said Oct. 24 at his weekly general audience.

“We need not just material sustenance, we need love, meaning, hope and a solid foundation” that helps people live with courage even in the face of doubt, difficulties, and everyday problems, he said.

“Despite the great magnitude of scientific discoveries and technological successes, humanity today does not seem to have become truly freer and more human.”

Faith gives people a solid sense of certainty in uncertain times because “faith is believing in this love of God that never fails in the face of human wickedness, evil and death, but is capable of transforming every form of slavery, offering the possibility of salvation,” he said.

“Faith is not the simple intellectual approval by man of truths concerning God; it is an act in which I freely entrust myself to a God who is Father and loves me,” the pope said.