Urge CBC to tell other side of the story

October 1, 2012

So often when it comes to advocating for life it seems as if we Catholics are yelling at a train that has already left the station.

There is a crucial issue that we must get ahead of to make certain that the switches lead in the direction of God's will: the debate on euthanasia.

An otherwise informative program on CBC Radio, White Coat, Black Art, recently aired The Will to Die: Nagui Marcos' Story. It is little less than an infomercial for death with "dignity" set to the manipulative strains of Cohen's over-used Alleluia. All this paid for with our tax dollars.

We can wring our hands and grouse or we can act. How? Might I suggest writing our MPs and the governor of the CBC? Is it too much to expect equal time with high production values?

Politically this debate is smoke and mirrors avoiding the pressing need for our government to come through on its unfulfilled promise of supporting palliative care. More essentially, we must take back the story of dying from those who would emotionally manipulate and technologize it.

Tell the story of the deaths you have attended that are filled with meaning and faith to our children at home and students at school. When we ourselves enter with God into this journey we must invite our families and friends to be with us so that we can show them how Christians die.

Having learned to die in love through the union of Mary and Jesus Christ at his cross, how can we let the tawdry despair of a syringe have the final word?

Fr. Stefano Penna