Unborn child becomes a human targeted in letters

September 10, 2012

Alexandra Jezierski is hoping to enlist the help of 100,000 letter writers to influence Prime Minster Stephen Harper and members of Parliament to support a motion that would open debate on when an unborn child becomes a human being.

The Grade 12 student from Kingsville, Ont. began her Letters4Life campaign in support of Motion-312, Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's private member's motion to open a debate on when a human life really begins.

"We're hoping it (Motion 312) will help Canada to recognize the humanity of our unborn children," Jezierski said.

The goal is to send 100,000 letters to the prime minister and MPs asking them to vote in favour of Woodworth's motion.

The letters are tracked online where visitors to the Letters4Life website can input the number of letters they have sent. In late August, the online letter count was just above 58,000.

Visitors to Jezierski's site can also choose from two available letter templates: one specifically for Motion 312, the other asking the prime minister to re-open the abortion debate. Jezierski has higher hopes for the effectiveness of the former.


"When Motion 312 came up, I realized that it's easier to ask our government to do something in increments," said Jezierski, "and asking them to support Motion 312 is a lot easier than asking them to end abortion."

The second hour of debate on Motion 312 will be held Sept. 21, the first Friday after Parliament resumes for the fall session. The Letters4Life deadline is Sept. 26, when the vote on Motion 312 is expected.

Jezierski said the numbers of youth who have rallied behind her campaign is "unbelievable."

She and her peers also host letter-writing parties, where they meet their goal for the event, 100 letters for example, while listening to pro-life music.