Subjective view of gender leading to societal collapse

April 2, 2012

OTTAWA – One of civilization's pillars – the objective recognition of sexual difference – is collapsing, a psychoanalyst priest warned the Catholic Organization for Life and Family March 22-23.

The ideology of gender theory has redefined sexuality away from objective sexual differences to subjective notions based on sexual orientation, said Msgr. Tony Anatrella.

Anatrella, a psychoanalyst and specialist in social psychiatry based in Paris, said this theory argues that one's gender is a social construct. "This creates serious problems."

Among the problems he cited were:

"We need a social revolution," Anatrella told about 110 people from across the country for the COLF seminar.

We face a pre-Christian mentality and must evangelize and humanize all of society. We are forced to start anew based on the fundamentals, he said.

The relationship of men and women is prior to society and does not issue primarily from religion, but from anthropology, he said. Men and women experience a sexual otherness and complementarity that is based in reality.

Christianity provides the fullest recognition of sexual complementarity, he said. The New Testament begins with the story of a couple, Mary and Joseph, just as Genesis begins with Adam and Eve.

The future depends on men and women becoming couples in a life-long marriage, he said.

The problem with young people is they do not know how to be a couple, he said. Many divorce after 10 years. They know how to seduce each other and to build a relationship in a weekend, but not how to build a lifelong relationship.


On a psychological level, psychic life and the development of a proper relationship with external, objective reality, requires an integration of the objective fact of our biological sex as male or female, he said.

Gender theory fosters a subjective, narcissistic reality that can lead to homosexuality. A patient told him once, "When I touch a man's body I am touching my own body."

Gender theory ignores the needs of children by stressing the needs of adults, Anatrella said. Children are disturbed by the new reality as more and more couples divorce, by the widespread presence of pornography and by the confusion presented by multiplying types of gender identity.

In response, they pour themselves into drugs, alcohol and suicide and express their identity through piercings, tattoos and clothes that reveal their underwear.

The marriage between a man and a woman allows a child to discover the meaning of objective truth outside his or her self, he said. When we do not have objective reality, we are following the narcissistic myth of someone who does not need anyone else, not even God.

"The child needs to learn the objectivity of things," he said.


With narcissism, the child is trapped in a subjective reality. One develops only a superficial personality with no interiority. In narcissism, one feels he or she is the centre of the world.

It took 70 years to fully see the disaster of Marxism; it may take as long to see the personal and social costs of gender theory, he said.

The father helps a child discover external reality and the law. He reveals and shows the child how to enter into the world, he said.

The mother helps cultivate a child's internal reality, including his or her imagination and spiritual side through singing songs and telling stories.