Accept the liturgy and obey the Church

March 5, 2012

I must confess that I am getting a little tired of the increasing number of letters criticizing the new liturgy of the Mass.

There is something to be said for the sacredness of the language of liturgy, and there is value in the use of a style that is a little set apart from the informal language of everyday life – even as our Church sanctuary, and the contents thereof, are set apart and not intended for common use.

It has always been so from our very roots. (A reading of the instructions from God for the construction of the tabernacle in the book of Exodus, or of the description of Solomon's Temple in the Book of Kings, demonstrates this clearly.)

God is not just our friend; he is the Holy One, the Creator, who is meant to be revered.

The other aspect of this discussion which I have not seen addressed, perhaps because of the unpopularity of the topic, is that of obedience.

The Church is not a democracy (thank God!). Cardinals, bishops, congregations, etc. have been appointed, with prayer. We believe our pope is God's chosen representative as Peter's successor now.

If we believe that God is all-powerful and all-good, we have to believe he has allowed, or caused, the current situation "for our good and for the good of all his holy Church."

Certainly, we can express our opinions – respectfully – but then we need to accept – and obey.

So let us all accept this new liturgy and do our best, individually and corporately, to make it clear, beautiful and holy – as it was intended to be.

Sharon Low
Nolalu, Ont.