Ornament tells vets they are never alone

Jane Twohey designed a pewter ornament to honour Canada's soldiers, military chaplains.


Jane Twohey designed a pewter ornament to honour Canada's soldiers, military chaplains.

December 19, 2011

TORONTO – Christmas ornaments featuring a kneeling soldier and the words "Never Alone/Jamais Seul" are being sold in a campaign to raise awareness of Canada's new war veterans.

The campaign is run by Jane Twohey, a Military Christian Fellowship of Canada volunteer from Port Perry, Ont., northeast of Toronto.

Twohey wants to commemorate the service of Canadian soldiers and chaplains serving in missions around the world through the Christmas ornaments.

"Canadians are great at honouring veterans of the world wars, but there's a new face of veterans in Afghanistan, Libya or Africa that people don't know about," Twohey said.

Each ornament has the words "Never Alone/Jamais seul" encircling the silver outline of a kneeling soldier silhouetted against a maple leaf. The back of the ornament is stamped with a Bible verse from Matthew 28.20 to remind soldiers that "with Christ they are never alone."

Twohey hopes people will consider purchasing one for their family Christmas tree and another for a soldier or chaplain.

"We live in such an amazing country that we can't take it for granted when we look at the rest of the world and what people are living through," she said.


Twohey designed the 2.5 by 2.5 inch ornaments in plain pewter or pewter with a red enamel maple leaf. Its original design of the kneeling soldier borrows from the logo Twohey created for hockey jerseys that were sent to soldiers in Afghanistan through her non-profit organization Team Red Take a Stand.

The ornaments are manufactured in Canada and retail for $20 each or two for $35.

Proceeds from the sale of the ornaments will go to purchasing ornaments for military chaplains. Money left over will go to the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada.

Twohey, a parishioner of Immaculate Conception parish in Port Perry, founded Team Red Take a Stand Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to spiritually supporting Canada's military, five years ago.

Twohey doesn't have any family members who serve in the military. But she says she feels called to pray for and assist soldiers and their families through prayer and volunteer work with the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada.

The fellowship is an interdenominational group that works with chaplains to provide them with spiritual resources.

For more information,see www.mcf-canada.ca or call 905-260-6679.