Chaput calls for 'Christianity of resistance'

November 15, 2010

VICTORIA - Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver called on believers to "practise a Christianity of resistance" against forces that would deny religious believers a voice in public affairs.

"Canadian and American Christians often have trouble understanding the brutality of anti-religious repression" in other countries, Chaput said at a recent conference.

Meanwhile a softer, more insidious form of persecution is going on "in our two countries and throughout the democratic countries of the West."

"The process clothes itself in the language of progress . . . but it has little to do with humanity's moral development. It has a lot to do with kicking Christianity out of the public square."

Unless Christians push back against this cultural message, the culture will persuade even Christians that their faith "is something they should keep to themselves, and that it is bad manners to interject their beliefs into the political process."

"The Church is never a threat to good government," Chaput said. "It is a hedge against the vanity of earthly rulers" and totalitarian governments.