Domestic violence affects men as much as women

December 19, 2011

Re: "Church speaking against family violence" (WCR, Dec. 5).

I read with interest and then dismay the content of the article. It spoke of only domestic violence where females were victims and there was no mention of the male victims and their children.

In fact, just about every major study on domestic violence documents that, at every level of violence, males are just as likely as females to be the victims. So where is the Church's outreach and compassion to the equally large number of male victims and their children?

Sadly the social justice apparatus of the Church seems in denial of their suffering. The sad result of this is that there has been no or very little outreach and compassion to the male victims and their children. They suffer in isolation.

Pope John Paul II wrote in his letter to women in January, 1995: "Women have the right to insist that their dignity be respected. At the same time, they have the duty to work for the promotion of the dignity of all persons, men as well as women."

I think it's appropriate we pay attention to his words when we deal with family violence.

I would like the WCR to continue its tradition of presenting balanced and perceptive reporting by reviewing the information provided by the top researchers in the field and why the Church is neglecting half the victims of domestic violence.

I think it's important that the Church extends compassion and a helping hand to all victims of violence regardless of gender.

Christ stands in solidarity with every victim, female or male.When we refuse to recognize and help the male victims and their children we refuse to align ourselves with God's love and we betray our vocation.

Robert Mollot
St. Albert