World sliding into darkness – author

November 15, 2010
Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien


OTTAWA – Bestselling author and painter Michael O’Brien says the world is descending into darkness deeper than that before the birth of Christ.

The big difference is that before Christ, the pagan world was “crawling out of horror and darkness” but now Western civilization that has known Christ “is sliding back” into it, he told the International Pro-Life Conference here Oct. 30.

“How do we speak into this kind of darkness?” he asked.

Underneath what Pope Benedict calls the “dictatorship of relativism” lie the many casualties, especially through abortion, a “largely hidden sin,” he said.

Abortion destroys not only the unborn, but hurts mothers and fathers and sends shockwaves through the wider society, said O’Brien, author of the apocalyptic thriller Father Elijah.


He decried media manipulation and its distortion of reality, especially when it comes to pro-life issues. He recalled television coverage of the National March for Life one year that gave 20 protestors more attention than the thousands who marched on Parliament Hill.

The battle to defend life can be discouraging, O’Brien said.

“The temptation to be discouraged depends on the degree we have relied on human strength and resources.”

He warned against a “we can do it” attitude. “We can overcome the power of darkness only in Jesus Christ,” he said. “He is our strength.”

O’Brien acknowledged the pro-life movement needs money, and a strategy but it has to have a spiritual underpinning of fasting and prayer.

“We have to learn to have the heart of very little children, to be content and to rejoice that we are very little,” he said.


Our enemies are not other human beings, he stressed, but the powers of darkness. “We have entered a satanic phase of history.”

O’Brien also spoke against the neo-pagan fantasy material flooding the modern day consciousness and “corrupting and blurring the symbols of good and evil.”

He included the popular Harry Potter novels, the Twilight vampire series and the atheistic His Dark Materials series, which he said was the worst.

Popular culture material has desensitized people and led them into a “comfortableness with darkness” and the power of evil, he said.

“All of us have been habituated into taking in a dose of poison with our cultural diet,” he said. “We become what we eat.”