Atheist turned pro-life activist celebrates film

Jason Jones

Jason Jones

June 6, 2011

VANCOUVER — The producer of the 2006 pro-life movie Bella says the thing that makes him happiest about the film’s success is that it saved the lives of more than 500 unborn children.

“Our goal when we made Bella was to know the name of just one baby in 10 years who was alive because their mother chose life (because of) our film,” said Jason Jones.

“As of today, we know of over 500 women who were scheduled to have an abortion, saw Bella and chose life,” Jones told a pro-life fundraising banquet here. Jones said he and his partner, Bella’s star Eduardo Verstegui, work to use the Hollywood system to promote a pro-life message.

More than 600 people attended the May 9 gala at a downtown Vancouver hotel, raising over $100,000.

Signal Hill’s goal is to reach out to “abortion-vulnerable and post-abortive women” through life-affirming ads. As well, it now focuses on “new media initiatives” to reach the social networking generation.

Before Jones took the stage, those at the gala were treated to the Canadian premiere of Crescendo, a short film of which he is the executive producer. The film, set in the 18th century, has a subtle pro-life message and a twist ending. Jones hopes the film will be able to change minds the way Bella did.

Jones was raised in an irreligious household in Chicago and became pro-life in his late teens when his pregnant girlfriend’s father forced her to have an abortion.

“I couldn’t believe that in my country, a country which I love, this was allowed,” he said. “I couldn’t comprehend it.”

When he learned about the abortion, Jones made a promise to his girlfriend that he would end abortion for her and their unborn daughter.

After a number of years subsequently as an atheist working in the pro-life movement and making little ground, he had a religious awakening in 2008 after reading Pope John Paul II’s Memory and Identity.

“When I was an atheist 12 years ago, I said a prayer: ‘God, I don’t believe you exist. All these evil things that exist in the world, if you were real this wouldn’t happen. Who are you raising up to fight abortion? I want to see rich people, famous people, and powerful people. Raise them up.’”

Jones said he and Verstegui held a pro-life event in Beverly Hills which was attended by “members of the Hapsburg family, some of the biggest A-list actors in the front seats, and some of the most influential wealthy businessmen from around the world.”

“As I was looking out at the crowd I could hear God say, ‘Now what, smart guy? What do you need now?’”