Bin Laden's death 'won't bring my wife back'

May 23, 2011

It has been nearly 10 years since her death, but for Thomas Heidenberger, his wife Michele remains foremost in his mind.

Michele died as a crew member on American Airlines Flight 77, which hijackers crashed into the Pentagon Sept. 11, 2001.

Memories of the life the two shared and the devotion to family are what Heidenberger tries to keep alive.

"For myself and my children, it (bin Laden's death) did not make an iota of difference," said Heidenberger, a Catholic living in suburban Washington.

Some people call the slaying of bid Laden justice, he said.

"I wouldn't even call it that on account it did not bring Michele back.

It will not bring back any of the 3,000 who perished that day."

Heidenberger said the violence that bin Laden espoused and the equally violent assault on his compound feeds a negative spiral.

"Violence begets violence.

Here in Washington and New York, they're all waiting for the next shoe to drop," he said. "Where does it get you? I don't want 3,000 people or one individual to go through what we had to go through 10 years ago."