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March 7, 2016

Archbishop Richard Smith, in announcing new archdiocesan initiatives to combat the culture of death (Page 3), refers to the current process of legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide as a social revolution. That is an apocalyptic outlook, and it is an accurate one.

The social revolution of which we are in the midst includes a rash of initiatives in recent decades - legal abortion, no-fault divorce, widespread contraception, same-sex marriage, gender ideology and now the termination of the lives of the sick and suffering. One could trace it back to Adam Smith's contention - the foundation of the capitalist system - that the pursuit of private greed bolsters the common good.

At heart, the social revolution is rebellion against God. Our passions, when used for good, lead to procreation, compassionate care for the suffering, a spirit of innovation, holy friendships and strong families. However, when exploited by negative social forces, those passions can lead to the destruction of society.

That social revolution ought to be fought by other forces which seek to defend the good. Currently, the laity have not organized for the battle. That ought to happen.

Even so, this is a spiritual battle, one requiring spiritual warfare by humans who rely on God to win the victory. These are dire times, and they call for a whole-hearted response in defence of the good.