Set your mind on things that are above. – Colossians 3.2

'Set your mind on things that are above.'

Colossians 3.2

Kathleen Giffin


Resurrection of the Lord – April 5, 2015
Acts 10.34, 37-43 | Psalm 118 | Colossians 3.1-4 | John 20.1-9
March 23, 2015

When our children were little, we continued an Easter morning tradition that was part of my childhood. Somewhere in the house the children would find the beginning of a trail of small Easter candies, and they would gather together and begin to follow the path.

There were all kinds of rules: they couldn't run on ahead to see where the trail ended, they had to follow the trail, one candy at a time, picking them up one by one in turn, oldest to youngest, or youngest to oldest.

The ones who were more capable would help those who needed direction, patiently helping them to gather their candy in turn, slowly moving along the path until all the candies were gathered.

I worked hard each year at creating a trail that was not too obviously discovered and that ended in mystery. They knew there was a special Easter basket for each of them at the end of the trail, but they would get to the end and not be able to see it.

Sometimes it would be hidden in a cupboard or the wood drawer under the fireplace; one year I hid them inside the piano. They came to expect that the goal would be hidden from their eyes.

They learned that they could only reach that goal together, the more able helping the less able, no one rushing ahead.

I didn't intend for there to be spiritual lessons embedded in the Easter trail. I just wanted them to have delight and to not fight over the treats.

But looking back, there were some lovely parallels with the Easter story. Christ is risen indeed, but we only see the road towards heaven, we do not see the glory of heaven, the full beauty of union with God.

We know it is there, for we have been told so by one who loves us, but we will not receive it fully until we arrive at the end of our own journey.

We too must travel this road together, helping those who are a little slower, a little less able, a little more easily distracted.

Sometimes we are the ones who have turned away from the path, or who have forgotten what we are here for; and then our brothers and sisters gently urge us, calling us to come and join in again, to take our turn, to keep moving forward.

That is the life of community, the life of the Christian people. We are not to leave others behind or leave others out. All are called to follow the road and discover the treasure at its end. All have a place; all are called by name.

Paul writes: "Set your minds on things that are above . . . for you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God." When Christ is revealed, it is not just God in glory that we discover, it is ourselves as well.

(Kathleen Giffin