John Connelly


Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time – February 15, 2015
Leviticus 13.1-2, 45-46 | Psalm 32 | 1 Corinthians 10.31-11.1 | Mark 1.40-45
February 9, 2015

In this week's Second Reading we are offered this challenge, "Do everything for the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10.31).

How can you and I fulfill this scripture? How do we do everything for God's glory? We can start by thinking about all our daily actions.

Each thing we do is important. Actions that are small or large, honest or dishonest, good or bad.

I do choose. Be made clean! – Mark 1.41

'I do choose. Be made clean!'

Mark 1.41

St. Ignatius of Loyola saw the purpose of his life in the maxim: "For the greater glory of God." Something that glorifies God is in tune with his truth and love. It must be in tune with the ultimate reality underlying all creation – God.

We glorify God by letting Jesus reign in our lives. We glorify God by being witnesses of the light.

The trouble is most of us forget. We get caught up in ourselves, our desires, our wants, our needs. We become self-absorbed.

Giving glory to God is every day turning from our self-preoccupation. It involves turning toward the one who created us, sustains us and calls us by name.

We can give glory to God by simply recognizing his presence. We can thank and praise God. We can pray and put our trust in him. All these actions give God glory.

Acts of service and love. Choosing not to gossip. Sincere participation in the sacraments. Reading and praying the Word of God. Listening to others. Reaching out to the elderly. Evangelization. All these acts glorify God.

At the heart of existence is this truth: God is glorified by all things that express his nature. His nature is love, truth, beauty, communion, compassion, joy, mercy and mission.

Think about it: We are created to express God's nature. When we do this we are fulfilled. This is why Jesus is the way. He did everything to express the Father's nature. He healed the leper in this week's Gospel to express God's healing love.

That same Jesus wants to live his love in you and me today. He wants to express God's nature in all we think, do and say.

Pope Francis knows his mission is to live for the glory of God. His joy and enthusiasm encourage people to find in God the source of all glory. He says, "A heart full of God is a happy heart that radiates and infects with joy those around him; it is seen immediately. Therefore let us not lose this joyful spirit."

When I read these words this morning I was inspired. They made me want to glorify God through a life of joy. Pope Francis, with his Jesuit background, is a living witness of doing all "for the greater glory of God."

Dare to ask: Am I living my life today for the glory of God? Lord Jesus, let me live entirely for God's glory. Let me express the nature of God in all I think, do and say. Amen.