Easter Sunday – March 31, 2013
Acts 10.34, 36-43 | Psalm 118 | Colosians 3.1-4 | 1 Corinthians 5.6-8 | John 20.1-18

John Connelly


March 25, 2013

There is a saying that I really appreciate, "Let your life speak." It originally came from the Quakers but it applies to all of us.

As followers of Jesus, we want our lives to speak loudly and clearly, because the life of Jesus speaks to us of a new way of living. His death speaks to us all of forgiveness and mercy. His resurrection speaks to us all of a hope that no one and nothing can take away.

Imagine standing outside the tomb of Jesus on the first Easter morning. The tomb is a dark and lonely place – a reminder death takes us all. It takes the young and old and is no respecter of persons.

I think of my many friends who have died over the years. Death came and took them away from their family and those they loved on earth. If this was the end of the story, it would be the most depressing reality imaginable.

They have taken the Lord out of the tomb. - John 20.2

'They have taken the Lord out of the tomb.'

John 20.2

But something happened at that tomb on the Easter long ago. A light burst forth with an intensity of a thousand blazing suns. Jesus conquered death. He came forth from the tomb and his risen life now speaks to us all.

The risen Jesus speaks. His risen life speaks of eternal unending life. It speaks of hope for the hopeless, light in the darkness and life conquering death. It speaks of the real destiny of all who believe.

The risen Jesus lives. The risen Jesus speaks to all who have ears to hear. He speaks to the most profound longing of every human heart. Nothing that happens in this life is the end of our story. Our story will go on. Heaven is real. It is in fact the ultimate reality. Our life will speak because the life of the followers of Jesus is eternal.

Can we even begin to grasp the risen life of Jesus – the risen life of Jesus in you and me? A life that never dies. This is what we proclaim. Think of the martyrs. In many cases they faced death with a stunning boldness. A boldness that came because they knew death was not the end.

Death for them was a doorway into the risen life that goes on forever. Think of the glory they faced as this present life receded from them. Think of the amazement and wonder they saw when eternity opened before them and they entered fully into the love that never ends.


I pray for the grace to face death with confident trust in the Risen Jesus. I pray that the Church will experience the glorious cry of the early Christians – "He is risen!" Christ is risen. The world today needs Christians who know the hope of the Risen Jesus. There is nothing more beautiful than a life that speaks hope and inspiration.

The tomb is empty. Now is the time to come forth from our tombs – our tombs of resentment and un-forgiveness; our tombs of fear and anxiety; our tombs of addiction, division, darkness and sin.

Why? Because he is risen. He is among us here and now. His risen life speaks to us all today. Jesus, may your life speak to every person on earth today and may our lives speak of your risen glory. May our lives speak of your eternal truth and love. May our lives speak, and never stop speaking - Christ is risen. Truly, he is risen. The tomb is empty and nothing will ever be the same.