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Archbishop Richard Smith

Pastoral Guidance for a Concrete Family Spirituality

Coat of Arms - Archbishop Richard Smith
October 26, 2015

My comments address the proposal for an "adequate pastoral guidance . . . so that a concrete family spirituality can grow in response to questions which arise in everyday life" (Instrumentum Laboris, 51). To be truly adequate, such pastoral guidance will be thoroughly Christocentric, and thus seek to foster in families: (1) a personal encounter with the Lord; (2) obedience to his Word; and (3) the adoption of an authentic Christian mindset.

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Pope Benedict was a co-operator of the truth

March 11, 2013
(Following is the text of Archbishop Richard Smith's homily at the Feb. 28 Mass of Thanksgiving for the Gift of Pope Benedict XVI.)

"Cooperatores veritatis." "Co-operators of the truth." When in 1977 Father Joseph Ratzinger was named archbishop of Munich and Freising, he chose this phrase as his episcopal motto. It is taken from the Third Letter of St. John, which was proclaimed in part today as our Second Reading.

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The deaf a reminder of the power of silence

December 17, 2012
(Following is Archbishop Richard Smith's homily at the Dec. 7 ordination of Father Matthew Hysell.)

This evening it escapes no one that we are the privileged witnesses of an historic moment in the life not only of this archdiocese but also of the Church in Canada. For the first time in our country, a man who is deaf is ordained to the ministerial priesthood.

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We Believe! The Archdiocese of Edmonton celebrates the gift of faith

September 17, 2012

Faith is the lifeblood of Christians. A wondrous gift of the Holy Spirit, faith is the opening of the heart and mind to God, who has loved us first (cf. 1John 4.19). It is the acceptance, with trust in divine providence and wisdom, of all that God has revealed in his Son Jesus Christ. By faith working through love (cf. Galatians 5.6) we are led to salvation!

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