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October is month of the holy rosary

September 28, 2015

October is the month dedicated to the holy rosary in the Catholic Church. A holy rosary a day keeps the devil away.

Marital love must be unconditional

September 14, 2015

In the Aug. 31 WCR, Celia Paz poses an important question to moral theologians. Why does the Church insist on the permanence of all marriages, even those that give rise to regrettable evils like physical and emotional abuse? The question deserves an answer.

Church should show mercy to divorced, remarried

August 31, 2015

I want to pose a question to moral theologians about Church laws or doctrines on marriage.Why does the Catholic Church only recognize the first marriage even though in a number of cases, that marriage has often become a source of evil - addictions, abandonment, adultery, physical and emotional abuses - for the wives involved?Why should the Church insist on the validity and give permanent recognition to an abusive, sadistic, woeful marriage just because it was the first?

Letter to the Editor - 08/31/15

Tell positive stories about residential schools

June 29, 2015

As many of the media have had articles on the residential schools, all very negative, I thought I might write and ask for an article. I'm sure you could write on some aspect of the good things which must have happened in the schools. Surely not all 30 plus schools had nothing but cruel nuns and priests, beating children, assaulting children, starving children and so on. There had to be some goodness in at least a few of the schools.

Grade 6 students don't need fancy grads

June 29, 2015

Sodhi Pillay, whose son is a Grade 6 student at St. Mary Catholic School, says $4,700 for a party for 11-year-olds passing into Grade 7 is not in keeping with a Catholic school's values. Kudos to Sodhi! She is not the only mother or parent who thinks this is ridiculous. Apart from the values of our Catholic faith, these kids have not achieved anything that should make them feel entitled yet.

Oblates did lots, but not everything

May 18, 2015

The article on the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (WCR, April 20) could be a bit more precise. For example, it is written, "In 1912, the Vatican created the Edmonton Archdiocese out of the St. Albert Diocese and named an Oblate, Emile Legal, its first bishop." In 1897 Emile Legal had been named coadjutor bishop of St. Albert, of which he became bishop on June 3, 1902, on the death of Bishop Vital Grandin.

Lack of inclusive language fails to recognize women

April 20, 2015

It was with sadness that I prayed in church on International Women's Day. As every other Sunday, I prayed these words, "For us men and for our salvation" in the Creed. Some of us women were discussing lately how it could take those working on the new wording in the liturgy so long, and yet no one pointed out the need for inclusive language. Or, did they intend to exclude?

Called to Protect creates safer environments

Month Date, 2015

Re: "Called to Protect should be optional" (WCR letters, March 23). Why does the archdiocese want to ensure that our parishes and ministries offer safe environments to all? Creating safe environments and preventing abuse in our communities is our responsibility as disciples of Christ.

Judge the action, not the person

March 23, 2015

Re: "Pope faces strong opposition inside, outside the Church" (WCR March 9). I think it is important to clarify a potentially misleading sentence in this article. The article states, "The popular mandate is defined by his (Pope Francis') comment 'Who am I to judge?' in relation to homosexual activity."

Call to Protect should be optional

March 23, 2015

I have prayed for some time about this topic and yet every Sunday when I am in church, I feel compelled to write this letter. My concern is the Call to Protect program. I find it wrong on so many levels that we are compelled to take this course rather than making it optional. I have always believed that our Church welcomes sinners, that in fact we are all sinners.