Introduction to the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church


Introduction: An Intergral and Solidary Humanism

Church offers salvation to the whole person — Compendium 1-19

Chapter 1: God's Plan of Love for Humanity

Catholic Social teaching: Neither right nor left — Compendium 20-27

Gospel demands revolution of love — Compendium 28-33, 204-208

Ignite the flame of human dignity — Compendium 34-48

Only God knows his eternal plan — Compendium 49-59

Chapter 2: The Church's Mission and Social Doctrine

The Church must teach morality — Compendium 60-71

Jesus taught social justice — Compendium 87-104

Chapter 3: The Human Person and Human Rights

The tragedy of sin — Compendium 115-123

Aspects of the Human Person — Compendium 124-151

Stand in solidarity, not solitude — Compendium 152-159

Chapter 4: Principles of the Church's Social Doctrine

Shed your fears: Give to others — Compendium 160-170

Property is basis for dignity — Compendium 171-184

Put the power back on the street — Compendium 185-191

Solidarity sees God in everyone — Compendium 192-196

Love is the key to all freedom — Compendium 197-208

Chapter 5: The Family, the Vital Cell of Society

The family is society's foundation
Compendium 209-214, 221-223

Marriage deftly weaves society's fabric
Compendium 224-229

Open your family circle
Compendium 230-237

Parents are the major players in a child's life
Compendium 238-245

Family protects human dignity
Compendium 246-254

Chapter 6: Human Works

Faith suffuses all facets of life
Compendium 255-269

Consider work's many aspects
Compendium 270-286

Work gives us dignity, respect
Compendium 287-300

Workers deserve a living wage
Compendium 301-309

Globalization trades on the world's poor
Compendium 310-322

Chapter 7: Economic Life

The dichotomy of rich and poor
Compendium 323-335

Cultivate your can-do attitude
Compendium 336-345

Free markets free people
Compendium 346-360

Globealization is shaking up our society
Compendium 361-376

Chapter 8: The Political Community

God, not man, reigns supreme
Compendium 377-383

Nationhood is rooted in profound faith
Compendium 384-392

Political power must be guided by moral law
Compendium 393-401

Balance those scales of justice
Compendium 402-405

True democracy demands a moral structure
Compendium 406-416

Moral Fibre deftly weaves a civil society
Compendium 417-420

Faith smashes rigid, totalitarian political agendas
Compendium 421-427

Chapter 9: The International Community

Jesus' faithful flock incudes all nationalities
Compendium 428-432

World peace needs the UN's influence
Compendium 433-445

Nations must help nations
Compendium 446-450

Chapter 10: Safeguarding the Environment

Christians are earth's stewards
Compendium 451-465

Soften our ecological footprints
Compendium 466-487

Cut the carbon gases, Canada
Compendium 466-487

Chapter 11: The Promotion of Peace

True heroes stand up for God's peace
Compendium 488-496

Wounds of war fester down through time
Compendium 497-507

Disarm first and then talk peace
Compendium 508-512

Battle terrorism with dialogue, forgiveness
Compendium 513-520

Chapter 12: Social Doctrine and Ecclesial Action

Erase that disloyal rift between faith and life
Compendium 521-537

Laity must integrate faith into their lives
Compendium 538-550

Change a culture and you change a society
Compendium 551-564

Politicians can give moral leadership
Compendium 565-574

Conclusion: For a Civilization of Love

Lord Jesus is our blueprint for life
Compendium 575-583

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