Love the Lord your God with all your heart

John Connelly


October 17, 2011
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 23, 2011

In this week's Gospel we are given a profound and central key to the heart of God. Jesus is posed the following question, "Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?"

And Jesus replied, "'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment."

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Encountering Jesus Christ transforms lives

Mark Pickup

October 17, 2011

People in the Edmonton Archdiocese are so fortunate to have Archbishop Richard Smith. He is truly committed to people knowing Christ in a personal way and living holy lives that reflect our blessed Catholic faith.

Archbishop Smith's vision for the flock entrusted to his care is captured in his pastoral letter entitled Pastoral Priorities of the Archdiocese of Edmonton. I recommend that everyone read it and contribute to the goals the archbishop has established.

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Well done, good and faithful elder servants

October 17, 2011

As is my custom when time allows, I arrived about half an hour early for Mass one Sunday. It wasn't my usual parish as I was away from home, but I found a pew close to the tabernacle and knelt to pray.

After a little while, two mature women, well past retirement age approached the votive stand near the tabernacle to light candles for their loved ones. I was noticing the shade of their hair — pure snowy-white — when I heard these words interiorly: "All the snow is at the summit."

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Moneyball film hits a home run for those on a spiritual path

Fr. Robert Barron

October 17, 2011

The management of the 2002 Oakland Athletics found itself in a bind. The team had performed very well the previous year, making it to the playoffs, but in the offseason, three of its best players were lured away by lucrative contracts offered by East Coast powerhouses.

In a small market and with a limited budget, the A's had to find a way to compete. Their general manager, former big-leaguer Billy Beane, stumbled on a revolutionary strategy to make the Athletics winners while remaining within their means.

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Catholics affirm life in the face of death

Bob McKeon

October 17, 2011

On Sept. 21, Troy Davis was executed by the state of Georgia. He had been convicted of the 1989 murder of a police officer. Over the years, Davis continually protested his innocence.

The murder verdict was based on the testimony of witnesses. There was no physical evidence linking Davis to the crime, and no murder weapon was ever recovered.

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Worshipping as one demonstrates unity among God's people

WCR Logo

October 10, 2011

Sixty-two years ago Pope Pius XII issued an encyclical, Mediator Dei, which encouraged the active participation of the faithful in the Mass. The pope was not enamoured with the common practice of people praying the rosary or other devotions during Mass, but he did make allowance for it.

The Mass then was in Latin and, to follow the Mass, one needed to have a missal with a translation of the Mass on a page facing the Latin. If one was illiterate or couldn't afford a missal, meditating on the mysteries of Christ's life was about the only way one could participate.

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Joy and fulfillment comes when a circle is complete

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

October 10, 2011

Today we don't attach a lot of symbolism to numbers. A few, mostly superstitious, remnants remain from former ages, such as seeing the number seven as lucky and the number 13 as unlucky. For the most part, for us, numbers are arbitrary.

This hasn't always been the case. In biblical times, they attached a lot of meaning to certain numbers. For example, in the Bible, the numbers 40, 10, 12 and 100 are highly symbolic. The number 40, for instance, speaks of the length of time required before something can come to proper fruition, while the numbers 10, 12 and 100 speak of a certain wholeness that is required to properly appropriate grace.

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God's vigilance is ever present in our lives

Kathleen Giffin

October 10, 2011
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 16, 2011

My second daughter, who has Down syndrome, often went on "unauthorized walks" when she was young. It was not so much that she was running away, it was more that she was off on an adventure and had neglected to inform us of her intentions.

While there were some moments of panic as we tried to locate her, one of the most frightening times looking for her was when she was older and did not return home from her walk to the store.

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Slashing social investments costs

Joe Gunn

October 10, 2011

When you are really sick with an infection, does it make sense to start taking only a half dose of the antibiotics necessary to cure your ailment? Or again, when battling infection, does it make sense to take an antibiotic for half of the time necessary for the full cure to take effect?

Dr. Jeff Turnbull, outgoing president of the Canadian Medical Association, reports that there are 1,000 homeless people in the core of Canada's capital city, where he lives and works.

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Pope's expansive vision meets closed minds in Bundestag

Fr. Raymond de Souza

October 3, 2011

It's not right to characterize a people by their elected representatives. Who among us would advise our visitors that the Canadian character is what one witnesses, say, in the House of Commons during Question Period?

So the fact that many members of the German federal parliament (Bundestag) boycotted Pope Benedict's speech in that chamber last week ought not be held against the German people.

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